DaBaby has revealed he still gets a big bag for popping up at clubs, despite many people turning their back on him in recent months for his highly publicized wild antics.

During a recent visit to the Full Send Podcast, DaBaby revealed he charges $200,000 just for a club appearance. According to the Charlotte native, the fee is warranted because he’s giving a stellar show to those in attendance.

“Oh man, it varies, you know? Sometimes I get $200K,” he told the show’s hosts while explaining he actually performs at the club as opposed to standing around like some of his peers. “I always overplay it though. … If they’re giving you that type of bag that means it’s love. It means you’ve got that type of draw in that club.”

DaBaby explained he’d come a long way to charge $200,000 per club appearance. There was a time he was only making $15,000, a small amount compared to what he was pulling in at concerts.

See the interview below:

Elsewhere during the interview, the show’s hosts asked DaBaby if he remembers what the biggest bag he’s ever got for a feature is.

Naming his feature on Dua Lipa’s “Levitating,” he said: “I got a bag. I think it was three-even [$300K]. … I think it was 300 to be fair, I don’t wanna throw no extra grease in the pan. It was at least three, though. It might have been $350K.”

Billion Dollar Baby Ent. signee Stunna4Vegas first revealed how much DaBaby got from Dua Lipa during an interview with VladTV a few days ago. For those who don’t remember, DaBaby was removed from the song following homophobic remarks he made at Rolling Loud Miami last July.

Dua Lipa Paid DaBaby $350K For ‘Levitating (Remix)’ Feature

“I don’t want to put his business out there but I think he got paid like $350,000 for that verse,” Stunna told VladTV. “And got took off? She damn near canceled herself.”