DaBaby attempted to do damage control following his controversial set at Rolling Loud Miami over the weekend.

After facing backlash for his perceived sexist and homophobic comments, the multi-platinum rapper shared an Instagram Live video addressing the public outcry on Monday (July 26).

But judging by the reactions the clip received, it really didn’t help the situation. If anything, it only seemed to make it worse.

“I wasn’t going on no rant — that’s called a call-to-action,” he says. “That’s what that’s called because I’m a live performer. I’m the best live performer … you interact with your fans, you get what I’m sayin? Look. All the lights went up — gay or straight. You wanna know why? ‘Cause even my gay fans don’t have fuckin’ AIDS, stupid ass n-ggas.”

DaBaby continues, “They don’t got AIDS. My gay fans, they take care of they selves. They ain’t going for that. They ain’t no nasty gay n-ggas. They ain’t no junkies on the street … my gay fans, they ain’t goin’ for that. They got class, n-gga. They ain’t suckin’ no dick in no parking lot, n-gga.

“You gotta get a room, n-gga. A good one. A five-star hotel. You gotta wait ’til they go to the crib … Even my gay fans got standards. Y’all trippin’. You bringin’ negative attention and energy upon y’all selves. And the ones that doin’ it is people who didn’t even attend the show.”

Before DaBaby wrapped up his video, he claimed he makes music for everybody — “gay or straight or god damn or whatever.”

Amber Rose Rips T.I. & DaBaby Following Rolling Loud: 'Y'all So Mad Lil Nas X Is Fucking Winning!'

Slut Walk founder Amber Rose later ripped DaBaby and later T.I. who used openly gay rapper Lil Nas X to try to defend DaBaby’s original comments.

“What in the homophobia???” she wrote. “Y’all are so mad that @lilnasx is fucking winning! To be this homophobic feels like they are battling something internally. This is not equality this is hatred. Period.”