Jim Jones is very vocal when it’s comes to his city, and a recent Supreme Court ruling has him worried. On Thursday (June 23), Capo hopped on Instagram to give his thoughts on the Supreme Court allowing Americans the right to carry a gun for self-defense.

According to the ruling, the Supreme Court said Americans can carry a firearm, and the permit needed to have a gun in New York is deemed too restrictive. Jones had an issue with that, given the rise in gun violence in New York City.

“Somebody break this down for all of us cause it’s gettin very nasty in ny to th point regular workin class citizen are takin th risk of carry guns for there protection cause th city is filled mwit to much gun violence tht th police can’t get under control and people are scared for they life,” Jim Jones captioned his post.

Gun violence in NYC has been tearing up the city to the point that children are losing their lives. Earlier this week, Lil TJay was shot multiple times in New Jersey after a man was attempting to rob him and his friends. The city’s Mayor Eric Adams made it clear during a press conference that the gun laws in the Big Apple haven’t changed despite the Supreme Court ruling.



“If you have a target permit, that is not a carry permit. The thought that people may hear this ruling and believe they can openly carry or are legally allowed to have a permit of some sort,” the mayor told reporters. “So we’re going to send a very clear message — Number one, nothing has changed. But number two, we’re going to continue our pursuit, as we have removed over 3,000 illegal guns off our streets. We’re going to continue to pursue that. This complicates matters.”

While Jim is looking for answers on this new Supreme Court ruling, he’s paying attention to news happening elsewhere. During a recent visit to The Breakfast Club, Jim Jones and Maino spoke on Young Thug and Gunna’s lyrics being used against them in their RICO case.

Jim Jones & Maino Discuss Gunna & Young Thug’s Lyrics Being Used Against Them In Court

“They should take that out,” Maino said of rap lyrics being used in court cases against artists. “When you rapping, you rapping from a perspective… I say all kinds of crazy shit when I rap.”



Maino rapped one of his lyrics about giving a woman oral sex in her child’s room, explaining that it wasn’t true. However, Jim Jones challenged Maino, questioning if that bar was actually false, and wondered if he was recently called out for using it.

“Did somebody ask you about that because you seem a little guilty? Are you sure you didn’t do it? Is this a bar?” Jimmy asked.