Summer Walker has still not forgiven her ex-partner London On Da Track. While the pair used to be one of the biggest couples in Hip Hop, they officially parted ways in 2021, and ever since, Summer has put London on blast for his alleged toxic behavior. London’s antics were even the source of inspiration for Summer’s sophomore effort Still Over It.

While drama between the former couple has cooled down in recent months, London On Da Track rang in Mother’s Day on Sunday (May 8) by gifting the R&B singer a bouquet of flowers, since the two of them share a daughter together. However, Summer made it clear she has not forgiven London’s past transgressions and disclosed to a fan that she tossed the flowers in the trash.

“Did summer get a flower too?” the fan wrote on Instagram.

“Same ones & left them shits by the dumpster where they belong,” Summer replied.


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This is far from the first time Summer has gone at London on social media. Last November, the producer was given writing and production credits for many of the songs on Summer’s project Still Over It, but the “No Love” crooner was quick to eviscerate her ex for tagging his name onto her work.

“He didn’t WRITE shit and he didn’t PRODUCE shit either,” she wrote in the comments section of a Shade Room post. “He just handpicked the n-ggas he wanted to do all the work and attached his name to it while he was out screwin hoes while I was PREGNANT. The most he did was sprinkle a wind chime effect on a song that was already done then put his name on it.”

She continued, “The last album he actually did the work, and it was great project. He super talented, but for this album, lol no sir, but I guess the city boys is up, taking credit for ish you ain’t do and not actually having to take care of the kids you made. Lol ima go back to minding my business, this just triggered the hell out me.”

She then came for him again in December over his parenting skills after London On Da Track posted an Instagram of him spending time with their daughter.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props you can just post for clout,” Walker wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I wish you would just go. We don’t need you. She has a real father over here. We be the ones sleep deprived taking care of her while you out doing whatever.”