Los Angeles, CA

A$AP Rocky was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (April 20) just as he and Rihanna were returning from Barbados. Hours later, he posted $550,000 bail and was released but is expected back in court on August 17.

In the meantime, police have reportedly been hard at work building their case against Rocky, who’s been accused of shooting at a man in November 2021. In video footage obtained by TMZ,law enforcement takes a battering ram to Rocky’s Los Angeles home in an attempt to collect evidence. In subsequent photos, investigators are seen leaving with a box of potential evidence, although it’s  unclear what’s inside.

A$AP Rocky has been under investigation by the LAPD over the Hollywood area shooting for the past five months. The victim of the shooting told police Rocky approached him with a handgun on the street while walking with two other individuals and shot him three to four times, with one of the bullets grazing his left hand.

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A$AP Rocky Walks Out Of L.A. County Jail After Posting $550K Bail

Police say Rocky knew the shooting victim, and the alleged shooting reportedly happened after an argument between the two. The LAPD says they worked to corroborate the information the victim told them about the situation, which helped them identify Rocky as the suspect.

A$AP Rocky immediately lawyered up after he was hauled into Los Angeles Police Department headquarters.