The City Girls’ love lives get as much attention as their music careers. JT is always going back-and-forth with her boo Lil Uzi Vert and Yung Miami has been seen getting close to Diddy at various events, causing fans to constantly chatter about their personal lives. However, Yung Miami seems to be fed up and JT has something to say about that.

On Tuesday (April 19), Yung Miami took to her Twitter page asking fans if they wanted to participate in a quick game of Q&A. JT wasted no time joining the fun and asked her fellow City Girl the question fans have been dying to know since she’s been buddying up with Diddy recently.

“Are you single or taken,” JT tweeted to which Miami replied, “SINGLE!!!!!!!”

JT clearly wasn’t buying it and ribbed Yung Miami saying, “That man must be don’t know how to work twitter or something idk. But ok!”

The Twitter exchange didn’t really deny or confirm the rumors between Yung Miami and Diddy, so fans will have to keep wondering what’s going on between them. Diddy didn’t help the situation either when he was seen catching the City Girls performance at Coachella this past weekend.

Diddy Reignites Yung Miami Romance Rumors With Coachella Shoutout

Diddy uploaded a video of himself dancing to the City Girls set with the caption, “@CityGirls Let’s go!!!” Fans saw the post and speculated even more that something was brewing between the alleged couple.

“Imagine having him as your sugar daddy .. I ain’t even mad at her,” one person wrote, while another said, “That’s his boo…he gonna stick beside her.”