6ix9ine is fully integrated back into the rap conversation after returning with a new video and single called “GINE” last week. After months of social media silence, the rainbow-loving rapper has returned with a vengeance, targeting his enemies and making new ones along the way.

During a recent appearance on Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, 6ix9ine angrily defended his snitch reputation and claimed he didn’t need anyone keeping him safe. After all, some people were convinced 6ix9ine wouldn’t survive for very long after he was released from prison in April 2020, assuming one of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods he testified against would seek revenge.

“When you say, ‘Yo, a rat put me on?'” he begins in the clip. “A rat is in the fucking building. Fuck a room ’cause this whole shit flooded with n-ggas. I’m comfortable, n-gga. Nobody gonna do nothing ’cause I’m telling you I’m like this everywhere. Subtract him [points], subtract him [points], subtract all these n-ggas here … hear what I’m saying! I’m like this without them.”

Guest Hassan Campbell contends, “But you don’t have to prove that,” to which 6ix9ine shouts back, “Hear what I’m saying! You said your family shitted on you, right? You could starve, you could cry, you could do all of that and the family going to say, ‘That ain’t my problem. N-ggas struggle every day.’ A n-gga with bread, a n-gga that cooperated, a n-gga who ratted put you in a position to eat.”

Despite telling a judge he was “struggling to make ends meet” earlier this month, 6ix9ine continues to brag about all of the “million dollar calls” he has and his “multi-million dollar home” and “multi-million dollar cars” then adds, “N-ggas know how I move around in the hood. Yo, bro. I swear I’m like this everywhere. I’m like this without them. I’m really like this without them.

“I can really sit at home all day, the way I did for two years and enjoy my family and enjoy my money. I use my platform to put other n-ggas on. Since I got on, I been showing who I really am. I put Treway on and he shitted. I’m putting my n-ggas on now. N-ggas from my hood. ”

6ix9ine Calls Fivio Foreign A 'Fraud 40 Year Old' Over King Of New York Claims

As 6ix9ine frequently does, he soon hopped in Akademiks’ Instagram comment section and tried to make his case for not needing security, bringing up the late King Von in the process.

“Y’all not tired of making excuses?????????” he wrote. “Did KING VON not die in front of his security and police!? Did our former president JFK not die with secret service all around him!? should I keep going????? What’s with all the excuses ??????”