Now that 6ix9ine has reemerged from whatever hole he’s been hiding in with new music, he’s back to familiar antics — stirring up beef on social media, one of the controversial rapper’s favorite pastimes.

Last week, he set his sights on Fivio Foreign’s projected album sales for B.I.B.L.E. Even with features from Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Quavo, A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé and more, the project is expected to move around 29,000 total album equivalent-units in its opening week.

“This y’all king?” 6ix9ine wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post. “Not blackballed, all those features, the whole industry promoted that and now you Kanye and nicki sidekick even they even tried to help you promote.”

Fivio Foreign later addressed the topic in an Instagram Live video and insisted numbers don’t factor in when deciding who the King of New York really is.

“If numbers and things like that, the term King of New York, you know who would be the King of New York?” he asks in the clip. “Hov be the King of New York. N-ggas like Biggie Smalls would be the King of New York. But guess what? Numbers don’t determine the King of New York. […] The king don’t have to fuck with you in order for you to be king.”

6ix9ine Challenges Fivio Foreign's 'King Of New York' Claim While Bringing Up Tdott Woo's Death

Fivio then admitted he didn’t even know where to start in terms of replying to 6ix9ine considering he doesn’t really have any friends who’ve passed away. 6ix9ine has a history of disrespecting the Lil Durk’s late friend and collaborator King Von. In fact, he included a reference to Von in his comeback video for “GINE” on Friday (April 15). He also brought up the February murder of Fivio’s friend Tdott Woo, who created the signature Woo Walk.

“Who is the n-gga really dissin’?” Fivio continues. “Like, ‘You got locked up.’ You dissin’ n-ggas that are locked up already. I can’t even diss none of the n-gga’s dead homies. N-gga don’t have no dead homies. The n-gga ain’t got no dead homies. What do I say to a n-gga like that?”

Of course, 6ix9ine was lurking in Akademiks’ comment section and quickly fired back, “A lot of people don’t know this man is a fraud 40 year old. If ya know who Jaydee is that’s all I’m say ……….. know the history to this THAT MAN IS NOT WOO he jackin it because it’s cool.”

Check it out below.