Rappers love their food as much as they love their music. Most of them have their go-to dishes, and Lil Baby is one of those people. During a recent interview with GQ, the My Turn rapper spoke about his favorite meal, and it’s something that fans can actually go and get themselves.

According to Lil Baby, the meal he can’t go a day without having is hot wings. The 4PF boss won’t eat just any plate of hot wings, though, as they have to come from a specific spot in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia.

“My favorite food is hot wings,” Lil Baby said. “Right now, the best hot wings in Atlanta are at the West End Mall. I love ’em. The lady in there who I actually call my mom, she sells the hot wings. She been working there since I was young. Hot wings, definitely my essential. Lemon pepper with mild sauce, both of em together. Not lemon pepper sprinkles. Lemon pepper sauce with the mild sauce. Everyday routine.”


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Lil Baby may want to take a page out of Rick Ross’ Wingstop book and open a restaurant that serves those West End Mall hot wings. While he ponders his favorite meal, Lil Baby is getting ready to unleash new music very soon.

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