Benny The Butcher has put a lot of hype behind his upcoming project Tana Talk 4. With all the talk about the album being one of the best of the year, Benny blew the door wide open when he dropped the first single off Tana Talk 4, “Johnny P’s Caddy” with none other than J. Cole.

Fans have been talking about “Johnny P’s Caddy” since its release, and all the chatter is proving to be a good thing as Benny is getting a major boost on the charts. According to a tweet from Billboard, Benny The Butcher’s collaboration with J. Cole has debuted at No. 72 on the Hot 100 chart.

The song gives Benny The Butcher his first career entry on the Billboard Hot 100. The only other time he hit a Billboard chart was in 2020 when his second studio album Burden of Proof debuted at No. 29 on the Billboard 200, and a year later, The Plugs I Met 2 landed at No. 33.

Despite all the excitement that’s brewing for Benny The Butcher and Tana Talk 4, the Buffalo native gave fans the wrong information regarding its release date. The rapper claimed the release date was February 11 and he mentioned that same time frame when he visited the Breakfast Club last week.

“Ima say this date anyway. I don’t know. Should I say this date? November—I mean … I’m smokin’ that good shit. Uh, motherfuckin’ February? What’s the next month? I’m high as fuck. Eleventh. February 11,” Benny told the morning show crew.

Benny The Butcher Blames Weed As He Clears Up ‘Tana Talk 4’ Release Date Confusion

Benny later went on Instagram Live to clear up the confusion and blamed it all on one of his favorite habits.

Tana Talk 4 dropping March 11, not February 11,” the Griselda rapper said during a recent Instagram Live broadcast. “I smoke too much weed — say the wrong things.”