Kodak Black’s last project was his 2021 EP Happy Birthday Kodak, and his fans have been waiting patiently for the next album he’s cooking up in 2022.

The Miami, Florida native has seemingly been busy doing other things besides working on an album, such as providing people with a viral moment at an NHL hockey game or expressing his love for DreamDoll. But Kodak had been working on something as he jumped on Twitter to update fans on new music.

“I Got A Song Wit Ed Sheeran & Other Elite Artists I Snapped Within a Year,” Kodak tweeted. “My Song With Ed Sheeran So Fye I’m Tryna Decide Should I Put It On This Album Or My Album In August.”

A collaboration with the “Shape Of You” pop star doesn’t come as much of a surprise as Kodak and Ed Sheeran are labelmates. Sheeran has also collaborated with several Hip Hop acts, such as Travis Scott, Eminem, 50 Cent, Chance The Rapper, PNB Rock and more. A union with Kodak would be the first time they join forces, leaving fans to wonder what a song between them would sound like.



While he’s announcing what’s to come from him on the music front this year, Kodak Black also assumed a role as a critic. On Friday (February 4), the “Super Gremlin” rapper gave one of his friends a blunt critique of one of his songs, and he explained how great it is to have friends who can do that.

Kodak Black Keeps It Real With His Friend's Music

“That shit was trash bro. I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t gonna lie, it’s like the hard kind of trash. But for y’all people like who’re seeing it and watching it, y’all my n-ggas but it’s hard tho,” Kodak said. “I’m just giving off my honest like feedback, i’d be a fuck n-gga if I be like, ‘oh that shit gas’ know what I’m saying?”