Atlanta, Georgia – Lil Baby has become one of the biggest stars in Hip Hop, and his bank account has seen a hefty boost with all the success he’s seen over the years. There’s no stoppage to his coin at this point of his career, and Baby is extra cautious with his money.

Fans got to understand how serious Lil Baby is with his money when a clip of him hitting up Ice Box Jewelers in Atlanta surfaced online. In the video, one of the jewelers said Baby is never short with his money as he comes with the correct amount for every purchase. Baby confirmed the claim with a statement saying he counts his money several times before paying.

“On God, I already counted it 14 times,” Lil Baby said before the jeweler asks if he just sits at home counting money all the time. “Hell yeah! Nah when I get it. I told you, where I got my money put up at, I got somebody watching it, and I lock it up so they can’t get it. They know it’s in there, but they can’t get it. So I know when I count it, it’s where it’s supposed to be.”

Lil Baby is going to see even more money come his way thanks to his feature on Gunna’s newly-minted No. 1 album DS4Ever. The My Turn rapper gave a shoutout to his Drip Harder collaborator with a Twitter post prior to the release of DS4Ever.

Lil Baby Shares Reaction To Hearing Gunna's 'DS4' Album

“Gunna played me his album,” Lil Baby tweeted. “[Gunna] ain’t bullshittin.”

The two managed to hop on “25k jacket” off DS4Ever. The album also features Young Thug, Future, Drake, Kodak Black, Chloe Bailey, G Herbo, Yung Bleu and more.