Bobby Shmurda has enjoyed his freedom since being released from prison last year. Fans have watched him dance on social media and pop up at random events, but the music releases have been sporadic at best. Now that he’s coming up on a year of being free, Bobby is locked in on his new album.

On Tuesday (January 4), the Brooklyn rapper took to Twitter with an update for fans on the progress of the forthcoming album. Judging by his tweet, Bobby is channeling a classic Nas quote from the ’90s as he puts his all into his first post-prison project.

“Haven’t had a full nights sleep In months!” he announced. “Putting blood sweat and pain into this Album!”

Bobby’s sleep-deprived approach echoes Nas’ famous line from his classic 1994 Illmatic album cut “N.Y. State of Mind,” on which he rapped, “I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death.”

In an interview with Genius in 2012, the Queensbridge rap legend revealed the origin of his Hip Hop quotable.

“‘Sleep is the cousin of death’ was around before I was born,” he explained. “That was just a saying, a spirit that’s African. That’s where it came to me.”

When it comes to the Greatest Rapper of All Time debate, though, Bobby Shmurda favors another New York rapper. “DMX was the GOAT!” he tweeted in December, honoring the late Ruff Ryders legend. “His Energy & His Vibe was DIFFERENT! #RipTheDog.”

Bobby Shmurda locking in on his post-prison album is a breath of fresh air, especially after recently revealing the reason behind his slow output of music since coming home. The GS9 rapper claimed in a since-deleted Instagram post that he hasn’t had control over his career since 2014, the same year he blew up with “Hot N-gga.”

Bobby Shmurda Reveals His GOAT Rapper Pick: 'His Energy & Vibe Was Different!'

“I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I just turned 27 and honestly idk when shit dropping,” he wrote. “So don’t ask me shit go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything!!!!!!!”

Bobby has been signed to Epic Records since 2014 and is currently managed by Roc Nation, although it’s unclear who his frustrations were aimed at.