YK Osiris is making headlines for everything except his music. The “Worth It” singer took another L over the weekend when he lost one of the $325,000 earrings he purchased and bragged about in November.

“I really lost one of my earrings I’m sick. Please if anybody find my other earring can you return them please,” he pleaded in a series of Instagram Story posts. “I’m never getting another pair again I can’t believe this shit.”

TheShadeRoom caught up with Osiris following the earring debacle and say he’s offering $60,000 to anyone who finds it and returns the earring to him.

The Def Jam artist previously posted about the earrings on social media last month and called them the “best investment” he’s ever made.

A ton of followers trolled Osiris in TheShadeRoom‘s comment section including Lil Mama who added, “Should’ve went to Claire’s Nah I hope he find it.”



Drake Forces YK Osiris To Perform At His Toronto Mansion To Pay Off $60K Debt

If YK Osiris has an extra $60,000 for reward money, it’s because he paid off his $60,000 debt with Drake by giving a live performance of “Worth It” at Drizzy’s Toronto mansion earlier in December. Lil Baby also pressed Osiris at the jewelry store over an alleged $5,000 he owes the 4PF boss.