Miami, FL

Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones allegedly got into some kind of altercation at Prime 112 in Miami on Tuesday (December 14). But the following day, Gangsta Gibbs was all smiles without a visible scratch on him.

The Grammy Award-nominated rapper posted an Instagram video of himself online strolling along in a fresh white tee with a giant grin on his face: “C’mon baby. It’s me. The rabbit.” But that’s where the clip ends. Par for the course, The Shade Room‘s comment section exploded, with many people assuming he “lost” the purported fight. One person wrote, “If you gotta do this that means you lost,” while another offered, “When n-ggas start showing they face off after a fight that mean they got TOUCHED.”

The old jokes didn’t stop either — even though Gibbs is just 39 and Jim Jones is 45. “They too old to be out here fighting like the 90s anyway,” another commenter wrote. “mess around and need a hip replacement.”

Video of the alleged fight has yet to surface and details surrounding the incident remain scarce. Meanwhile, Gibbs’ adversary Akademiks is still enjoying the narrative and posted numerous tweets about the scuffle.



“Freddie Gibbs definitely tellin his police officer dad and District Attorney brother on Jim Jones,” he said in one tweet, before taunting him with, “@freddiegibbs are you ok!?” From there, Akademiks’ timeline erupted with subsequent tweets with just one target in his scope: Gibbs.

The Alfredo MC recently said he was training to fight Akademiks in a charity boxing match. During an interview with Jalen & Jacobyearlier this month, Gibbs appeared shirtless on the show and told the hosts, “I’m training for a fight.”

“Oh you training for a fight?” Jalen asked. “Breaking news on Jalen and Jacoby. Who is Freddie Gibbs training to fight?”



Freddie Gibbs & Crew Allegedly Assaulted By Jim Jones' Entourage - & Akademiks Is Loving It

“DJ Akademiks,” he responded matter-of-factly. “I’m a solid 185, DJ Akademiks a soft 204, so I think we can make that fight happen. He announced it. He announced it yesterday that he wanted to do a celebrity boxing match so we could donate it to charity, you know what I’m saying? I don’t want no money. If I win, I just want Akademiks to delete his Instagram and delete his Twitter and leave the rap game.”

As for Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones, their rivalry goes back to at least 2014 when Gangsta Gibbs alleged the Dipset OG was a fake gangster. A week later, Gibbs was shot at following a show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn.



Gibbs walked away unharmed, but two members of his entourage were non-critically injured. He later told the NY Post, “They tried to kill 2Pac. They tried to kill me. I’m still alive.” When it was suggested Jim Jones was involved, Gibbs wasn’t so sure and replied, “Na I doubt it he too pussy.”

Jones has yet to speak out on the situation. In the meantime, check out Akademiks’ tweet blitz below.

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