Most people want to go to a celebrity afterparty to rub shoulders and mingle with whichever stars are in the house. Fabolous has been to several events in his day, but it appears he feels some of those parties weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

The Brooklyn rapper recently took to his Instagram Story to share some candid tales about him running off on his celebrity friends at their events. Sometimes the situation calls for an Irish exit, and it had to happen according to Fab.

The whole thing started after the Ghetto Fabolous rapper asked his fans if they, too, have been pressured into attending an after-party when “you really wanna go home or back to the room but you don’t wanna be be the turn down to the turn up.”

“You ever got peer pressured into going to the afties,” Fab wrote. “You really wanna go home or back to the room but you don’t wanan be the turn down to the turn up.”

He also asked his Instagram followers, “One more question…You ever said you was going to the bathroom…& left.”

As fans contemplated his questions, Fabolous confessed to a pretty funny encounter with Diddy, who had Fabolous partying into the next morning.

“I told Diddy I was going to the bathroom & slid once,” he admitted. “It was 7AM & this n-gga was still turnt!!!”

Diddy is known for his insane partying lifestyle, so Fabolous wanting to get out of there and go home makes sense. Fab also spoke about a similar situation where Mariah Carey had him up all night drinking wine after recording a verse.

“I told Mariah I was going to move my car cuz it will get towed & skrrrrrrrrrr,” he explained. “It was 6AM & my verse been done we was just drinking wine & telling stories.”

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