Kanye West’s explosive interview with Drink Champs continued on Thursday (November 11) with REVOLT releasing the second part of their conversation. During the nearly 80-minute chat alongside Larry Hoover Jr., Kanye West talked about the power women hold.

“How many wives is really in control of the house? They got the full technique,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Yeah, you the man of the house. It means you ain’t controlling shit.’ ‘Cause the wife got the kids, they got the sex, they got the clothes, they run the nanny. Really, it’s like, women basically run the globe.”

The discussion led to Kanye West talking about OnlyFans and the fact he doesn’t pay for any of the content he views.

“Let me tell you, OnlyFans. Women, when they were doing it, it wasn’t particularly for power, it was more attention,” he said. “‘Cause in general, a woman wants their flowers, they want their attention. With men, we lower our power for just desire. Men, we just be horny. And then we gon’ text these girls or DM or whatever. I get my OnlyFans off of Reddit. I bootleg the OnlyFans. All these OnlyFanners gonna be so mad at me: ‘You, as an artist, would you want people to bootleg that shit?!'”

He continued, “But whatever type of interaction… ’cause I know from being single for a bit, it be a bunch of OnlyFanners – they not hoes at all, they just getting money. But it don’t even be about the money or about showing off, it really is more about the attention. Like, when I wake up, if I don’t have like 10 texts or something, you know, what is that? Your serotonins, dopamines and stuff – it’s a little bit lower. When I see those 12 texts, it kinda goes up and you wanna read. Even if it might be some bullshit.”

Kanye West previously opened up about his addiction to porn during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in 2019.

“Playboy was my gateway into full on pornography addiction,” he said at the time. “My dad had a Playboy left out at age five and it’s affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life. From age five ’til now, having to kick the habit, and it just presents itself in the open like it’s okay, and I stand up and say, ‘No, it’s not okay.’”

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He added, “It’s like with God, I’ve been able to beat things that had a full control of me. You know, that Playboy that I found when I was 5 years old was written all over the moment when I was at the MTV Awards with the Timberlands, the Balmain jeans — before people was rocking Balmain jeans — and the Hennessy bottle. It’s like that was such a script out of a rock star’s life.”

Watch the full second part of Kanye West’s Drink Champs episode below.