Young Dolph is a rapper who has managed to find more success in the independent market than he did when he was signed to a major label.

Earlier this week, the Memphis native took to his Instagram Story to flex his show price as an independent artist. According to Dolph, he pockets over $100,000 every time he hits the stage. He also used his Instagram Story to question how major label artists aren’t getting paid as much as he is.

“How da fuk im a independent artist and gettin 100rax plus for a show?” he asked fans in his Story. He also bigged up his Paper Route Empire protégé Key Glock, writing, “How da fuck @keyglock got more cars & ice than you & your ceo?”

However, not everyone was impressed by the fruits of Young Dolph’s independent grind. Soulja Boy jumped in the comments section of Akademiks’ Instagram post and disputed Dolph’s claim that he’s an indie artist.

In true Big Draco fashion, the Atlanta rap star took credit for being the only rapper that’s fully independent. “That’s big cap They signed to @empire I’m really 100% Independent no cap,” he wrote.

Young Dolph turned down a $22 million major label deal in 2018 to remain independent. A month later, he signed a multi-million dollar partnership with Empire Records.

“The deals I was being offered, I can’t lie, they were good,” he said at the time. “Not only is this still a multi-million dollar deal, but I can keep my masters and get a bigger percentage. This is a big deal because it’s linking the biggest independent artist and label with the biggest distribution company.”

Soulja Boy Brags About Making '$100K A Day' While Mocking 'Broke-Ass N-ggas'

While working with Empire has proven to be lucrative for Young Dolph, Soulja Boy bragged about his own wealth on Instagram last month. The SODMG CEO went on Instagram Live to claim he makes $100,000 a day while dissing “broke-ass n-ggas.”

“N-ggas broke as hell,” he said while waving stacks of cash. “Fuck wrong with y’all broke-ass, bitch-ass n-ggas? I’ve been making $100K a day, n-gga. I’m the n-gga with the bands. I’m the n-gga that made like $2-3 million in a month.”