In the words of the 1991 Geto Boys classic “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me,” this year Halloween fell on a weekend, and celebrities repped hard on both Saturday (October 30) and Sunday (October 31). Par for the course, Instagram exploded with photos of elaborate costumes worn by some of Hip Hop and R&B’s most notable stars.

Nas did his best impression of Scarface, while The Weeknd donned a remarkable Don Vito Corleone costume from The Godfather. In fact, the only way to determine it wasn’t the real actor is knowing Marlon Brando died in 2004.

Meanwhile, there were several celebrities who tackled multiple looks for the spirited weekend. Lil Nas X dressed up as Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter film franchise and a “basketball n-gga” from Ned’s Classified. 

Lizzo, on the other hand, apparently hired the best makeup team she could find to turn her into Baby Yoda and later, Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala, who looked more like someone’s shadow than an actual human being.

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Cardi B was also in the holiday mood and decided to rock matching witch outfits with her daughter Kulture. Other costumes included Offset as Rick James, Saweetie as Halle Berry’s catwoman, Megan Thee Stallion as Pinhead from the film Hellraiser, Ciara as TLC, Rihanna as rapper Gunna and Ice-T and Coco as the Joker and Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, respectively.

Although Halloween 2021 has come to an end, the photos will live forever.  Check out some of the most impressive costumes below.

Nas As Scarface

Offset As Rick James

The Weeknd As Don Vito Corleone

Cardi B & Kulture As Witches

Lizzo As Kim Kardashian At The 2021 Met Gala

Lizzo As Baby Yoda

Megan Thee Stallion As Pinhead

Anderson .Paak As Chris Tucker From Fifth Element 

Travis Scott As Michael Meyers

Lil Nas X As Lord Voldemort

Saweetie As Halle Berry In Catwoman

Tyga As A Vampire

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert As Wayne & Garth

Ciara As TLC

Rihanna As Gunna

Ice-T & Coco As The Joker & Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad