Baton Rogue, LA

NBA YoungBoy is reportedly being released from police custody after a judge finally granted bail to the Billboard chart-topping rapper. According to The Advocate, Chief U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick reversed course on Friday (October 22) and decided YoungBoy didn’t have to sit behind bars as he awaits trial in his federal weapons case.

He will, however, be on 24-hour house arrest in Utah. But first, YoungBoy must post a $1.5 million property bond or put $500,000 cash into a trust account of his attorneys before he can be released. And that’s not the only hoop he has to jump through.

Attorney Andre Belanger said the father of eight also must make an appearance next week before a Los Angeles judge on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm and be released on bond there before he can begin his house arrest in Utah. But they are confident they’ll have the same results.

If all goes well, NBA YoungBoy plans on building a recording studio at his new Utah home and hiring a security firm staffed by former soldiers to patrol the grounds, although security wasn’t one of the judge’s conditions. Dick did impose a curfew on visitors though and won’t allow more than three visitors to be at the residence at one time. They also must be pre-approved by Dick.

NBA YoungBoy Proposes Relocating To Utah In Attempt To Get Release On Bond

Court testimony revealed YoungBoy recently bought a home in northern Utah to be near the family of a childhood tutor who took him under her wing. His lawyers argued if YoungBoy were to move to Utah, he would be “kept in line by an adoptive family eager to keep him out of jail.”

The 21-year-old rapper has been in custody since March after he was arrested in Los Angeles following a dramatic foot chase. YoungBoy was one of 16 people who were arrested in September 2020 during a Baton Rouge video shoot on various gun and drug possession charges. His federal weapons charges stem from that arrest.