Chicago, IL

Five suspects have reportedly been indicted in the 2020 murder of Chicago rapper FBG Duck.

Hours after his mother announced the suspects had been taken into custody, WGN9 Chicago obtained the unsealed indictment, which confirmed the arrests of Charles Liggins, Kenneth Roberson, Tacarlos Offerd, Christopher Thomas and Marcus Smart.

Federal prosecutors say the five men are members of the infamous O-Block faction of the Gangster Disciples, which stake territory in and around the Parkway Gardens affordable housing complex.

As for the motive behind FBG Duck’s murder, prosecutors allege the suspects carried out the killing, “for the purpose of maintaining and increasing position in O-Block, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity, did knowingly commit the murder of Carlton Weekly, a/k/a ‘FBG Duck.’”



According to Duck’s mother, their aliases include C-Thang, Muwop and Zell, who committed suicide in August.

“[The feds] just called me and told me they arrested [rapper] Muwop, they arrested C-Thang, they arrested…two more, five people that they have in custody,” she said in a video. “The lil boy who killed himself August the 24, he was one of the shooters. They shot my son, they just told me that … You heard it from me first. They got they ass. They got them muthafuckas.”

Mother Of Murdered Chicago Rapper FBG Duck Reveals Arrests: 'They Got Them Muthafuckas'

FBG Duck was killed in broad daylight on August 4, 2020 as he shopped in the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood. All defendants are expected to make their first court appearance on Wednesday (October 13) aside from Roberson who’s scheduled at a later date.