Social media has a way of providing people with hilarious moments that have them talking for days. Quavo and Jacquees found themselves in the middle of a similar situation when fans confused them for each other, thanks to Lil Yachty.

On Monday (October 11), Lil Yachty reposted a video of Jacquees busting out a quick dance routine at a recent show with a caption that read, “Quavo ass be trippin… lol.”

Lil Boat’s tweet began circulating, and people thought Quavo was the one getting busy with his body in the video. That wasn’t the case, of course, but Yachty had already done the damage thanks to people resharing the video all over Instagram and Twitter.

The news got to Quavo, and the Migos leader used the viral moment to his advantage by promoting his upcoming single. Huncho took to his Instagram to post a clip of a behind-the-scenes look of the visual to his new song while promoting his first-ever TikTok page, @quavohuncho.

“This The Only Dancing Huncho Do,” Quavo wrote alongside the video of him turning up on top of a Hummer while girls twerk in front of him. “Make Ya Girl Strub Tha Grizzound!!! And Btw I’m On Tik Tok Now.”


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Jacquees attempted to keep the fun going with a comment saying, “Cap n-gga you know you shot this at my video DATS ME.”

While fans were having fun with Quavo at his expense, the “WORKIN ME” rapper was catching a dub at Cardi B’s dancehall reggae-themed 29th birthday party on October 11. The party was attended by Migos, Lizzo, Ella Mai, Megan Thee Stallion and more.

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Camera footage from inside the party showed a woman gyrating and ramming her crotch into Quavo, who looks like he’s having a bit of trouble handling the situation. The best part of the moment may have come from Megan Thee Stallion and Normani looking shocked at what was happening to Quavo.