Kodak Black grossed out the entire internet on Monday (October 11) when a video of him groping his mother’s butt and attempting to kiss her on the mouth went viral. The bizarre incident took place while the Florida rapper was dancing with his mom, Marcelene Octave, at a birthday party in Miami last weekend.

Octave laughed and pulled away from her son’s inappropriate attempts — but the internet had quite a different reaction.

“Nah Kodak violating his own mommas ass cheeks is WILD!!!!” one viral tweet read. “What in the Z shit is this y’all Florida n-ggas some sick sickos. #Repent.”

Even Kodak Black’s rap peers are struggling to make sense of the video. On Tuesday morning (October 12), Terrence “Punch” Henderson, President of Top Dawg Entertainment, weighed in on Yak’s bizarre behavior, calling him “sick” and saying he “needs help.”

“Man, I don’t know the context of that video nor do I need to,” Punch tweeted. “That young man Kodak is sick for touching his mother that way, and he needs help. Seriously.”

He added, “I hope I got that video completely wrong and it’s not what the internet is saying it is.”

Kodak Black has been making headlines for his erratic behavior recently. Last Thursday (October 7), the Sniper Gang CEO posted an alarming suicide message on Twitter before deactivating his social media accounts.

“So Lonely Depressed Sad & Fucked Up,” he wrote, before adding, “Sitting In My Room Crying Feel Like Killing Myself.” A few days later, Kodak apologized for his tweets while reassuring his fans and loved ones that he’s “ok” and has “no plans on harming myself.”

Kodak Black Gropes His Mother's Rear & Tries Kissing Her On The Mouth In Awkward Dance Video

In September, Kodak Black entered a 90-day treatment program after failing a drug test and violating his supervised prison release. The Florida rapper opened up about his struggles with drug addiction in a court room video shared by his lawyer, Bradford Cohen.

“[Kodak] says that addiction effects white black poor and rich and he realizes that it has affected his relationships and business in the past,” Cohen explained. “He knows that a sober life is one that is better and healthier.”