Spotify’s Dissect podcast has made waves with its academic approach to breaking down albums while peeling back the layers and exploring the themes of projects in ways most others can’t. On the heels of investigating Kanye’s chaotic world of Yeezus, Dissect is pivoting to the late Mac Miller’s final two albums Swimming and Circles.

“Two years in the making, it was an album that would stay true to the video central image of a man entrenched in his own psyche—observing, searching, scrutinizing,” said host Cole Cuchna. “It was an album that communicates a universal notion of seeking peace amidst the unrelenting currents of emotions. An album whose central symbol is water. The replenishing source of life that can just as easily pull you under. It was Mac Miller’s Swimming.”

Dissect will traverse through the 2018 Grammy-nominated effort and its companion album in the Jon Brion-produced Circles with 15 separate episodes examining Mac Miller’s final musical offerings to the world.



The first of which is currently available on Spotify and clocks in at just under 40 minutes. The episode dives further into both projects and their alignment, Mac finding his singing voice, opening up about dating Ariana Grande on The Divine Feminine and his search for inspiration.

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Mac Miller, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose in September 2018, has more music on the way to streaming services. His fan-favorite 2014 Faces mixtape is slated to hit DSPs and vinyl on October 15. The experimental project is primarily produced by Mac under his Larry Fisherman alias with help from ID Labs.

Listen to the first episode in the Dissect journey below.