BIA is one of the new artists getting a lot of love from some of the older veterans in the game. She teamed up with Lil Jon on the apropriately titled “BIA BIA” track and joined forces with Nicki Minaj on “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY.” Now it seems like another legend is showing support to the Massachusetts native. 

On Saturday (August 7), BIA took the stage at E11EVEN nightclub in Miami, Florida, with a special guest appearance by none other than 50 Cent. Footage of the performance made its rounds online, and fans could see 50 joining BIA as she performs her hit single “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY.” It seemed as if 50 would bust out a quick freestyle, but he let BIA take the reigns as people threw money all around the club.  

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Fans couldn’t help but comment on 50’s skills as a hype man. Unlike the charismatic hype man Tony Yayo was to him, Curtis took a laid-back approach throwing some ad-libs and hitting his signature bop. 

BIA is on a roll with all these co-signs she’s bringing in from 50 Cent, Lil Jon and Nicki Minaj. As her stock continues to rise, though, she remains humble and grateful for all the opportunities. She took to Twitter following the release of her “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” remix with Nicki to praise the artists who genuinely show support. 

“I have so much respect when bigger artists jump on smaller artists records bc so many people forget we all had to start somewhere,” she tweeted. “That’s the difference between who does it for the culture, and who does it for clout. I’ve got taken off songs because I wasn’t ‘big’ enough even tho my verse was always LIKE THAT.”