Blueface is giving a double dose of his entertainment prowess with the release of “TikTok,” a jittery dance number ripe for the platform it’s named after.

The album-less single is designed to divert attention to his upcoming pay-per-view fight against TikTok star Kane Trujillo f.k.a. Neumane.

“​​Flip, flip, flip/Run a nigga out his flip-flops/Flop, flop, flop, crack a bitch off a TikTok/Rock, rock, rock/Don’t stop like you runnin’ from the cop, cop, cops/Let this thing pop, pop/At the opp, opp, opp,” the Los Angeles rapper spits on the Googleable piano-type beat.

Its accompanying video — directed by FakeDell and featuring the hilarious talents of “Lil Cuz” — depicts Blueface nowhere near any training facilities, rather more in the same element that got him a platinum plaque with 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star DDG.

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On July 23, Blueface will get the opportunity to put his “TikTok” lyrics to action in Tampa, Florida as part of the Fite TV Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship #19. Despite still putting his rapper aesthetic on display, he’s adamant he’ll be ready for the likely trending event.

​​“Yeah, I’m on a diet and everything. I ain’t been smoking, drinking, nothing,” Blueface told TMZ last month. He also deems his Instagram fight sessions with R&B singer YK Osirus to be the reason the United States loves celebrity boxing at the moment.

Watch Blueface’s “TikTok” video below and develop your pre-fight opinion in the comment section.