DaBaby recently came across two kids selling candy that tried to pull a fast one on him. The kids were trying to get DaBaby to buy each candy box for $200, but the rapper caught on to their hustle and schooled them.

On Tuesday (July 13), Complex shared a snippet of a recent interview with DaBaby where he spoke on the moment that had social media buzzing all week. According to DaBaby, had these kids been honest with their sales pitch, they would’ve got more than just the $4 the Charlotte native gave them. 

“Anytime I buy something from somebody hustling like that like I buy the whole thing especially when its kids,” DaBaby told Complex’s Speedy Morman. “Give them the opportunity to just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, ‘Man I usually charge somebody this for the whole box I’m just going to charge you $2 all the way down.’ I would have looked at them and gave them $1000, but I respect their hustle. I ain’t curse them out, this and that. I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them, then closed the door.” 


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DaBaby’s comments come after fans were split in their reactions towards the exchange between the kids and the rapper. Some felt the kids were greedy, while others said DaBaby should’ve cut them some slack. The news trickled on to Twitter, where fans were engaged in a heated debate. 

“Why would you as a Black man go and violate two Black boys selling snacks on the street,” one Twitter user wrote. “You’re supposed to give them some change and tell them to keep the snacks so they can hold on to more inventory. DaBaby is a fucking bozo and I want the worst for him.”

Another person tweeted, “Y’all talk about let black kids be kids, but don’t kids lie here and there, joke around, play, test their boundaries? Why are you crucifying literal children over $200 that means nothing to Dababy. Why can you not contextualize this, y’all aren’t millionaires. It’s getting weird.”

DaBaby's Interaction With Candy-Peddling Kids Causes Huge Twitter Debate

Guapdad 4000 sided with his peer saying the kids were messy with their approach in selling the candy. 

“I actually agree with Dababy for doing them kids like that,” he tweeted. “They should have been better liars if anything + they had a horrible finesse game.”

Someone else said, “People mad at the DaBaby because he didn’t reward a clear attempt of lying and finessing?? Y’all soft.”