Pooh Shiesty had his bond revoked earlier in June and is to remain in jail until trial over the 2020 shooting of two men in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. On Tuesday (June 29), the Miami Heraldis reporting that federal agents are moving forward with an indictment in the armed robbery against Pooh Shiesty — born Lontrell Williams Jr. — and two other men.

The Memphis native is being hit with charges for discharging a firearm during a violent crime, conspiracy and robbery under a law regulating commerce.

Shiesty and two friends — Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa — arranged a meet-up to purchase marijuana and high-end sneakers in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida in October 2020. During the deal gone bad, Pooh Shiesty and Brown allegedly shot two men in the butt and hip.

Obviously, Shiesty and his crew fled with the goods without paying for them, but the armed robbery was recorded on video. Federal agents actually used Shiesty flaunting his riches on Instagram in the days prior.

Investigators discovered a Louis Vuitton bag that fell out of the McLaren Shiesty was driving at the time of the robbery that contained $40,912 dollars. Feds connected an Instagram photo from the “Back In Blood” rapper flexing dollars with the same serial number that matched up to the bills in the designer bag from the altercation.

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Pooh Shiesty Strip Club Shooting Case Takes A Turn With New Statement From Victim

Darosa’s social media accounts were searched and the same Draco allegedly used by Shiesty in the shootout checked out as a match on Darosa’s Instagram from previous posts.

Pooh Shiesty is also dealing with another shooting case stemming from an incident at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami from Memorial Day Weekend where Shiesty allegedly shot a security guard. He will remain behind bars at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center until trial. The 1017 Records signee is expected to face a judge Tuesday afternoon.