Miami, FL - 

Pooh Shiesty is currently sitting in prison after his bond was revoked following his alleged involvement in a Miami strip club shooting incident. Footage of Pooh Shiesty in court caused concern among fans for the attire he was wearing. 

In the video, the “Back In Blood” rapper is wearing a green vest instead of the usual orange or tan jumpsuits that people normally wear in prison or awaiting trial. A former inmate posted a video of TikTok explaining the green vest Shiesty was wearing is put on people who showed signs of being suicidal. 

“They put you on twenty-four-hour surveillance and they make you wear one of these,” said the TikTok user about Shiesty’s vest. “You cannot rip this up. They do that so you can’t make some crazy thing out of it, like a noose.”

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Fans saw the video and began leaving their two cents on the situation. Some were concerned while others tried to explain Shiesty had the vest on for other reasons.  

“Pooh Shiesty was put on suicide watch pray for him,” one person said. 

Another fan replied, “Pooh Shiesty wearin a suicide vest does not sit well with me. Hope he good.” 

“Pooh Shiesty being in a vest/gown does not mean he tried to kill himself …he probably in fucking detox unit bc he is a whole drug addict,” someone else tweeted. 

A fourth person added, “I saw a pic of Pooh Shiesty in the vest that they give people who try it to commit suicide in jail and I saw a bunch of people quoting it with ‘lol’ and ‘lmaooo’. I honestly did not get the joke.”


Pooh Shiesty got himself in this situation after someone allegedly swiped $40,000 in cash from his jeans at the strip club. The 21-year-old was allegedly so upset someone robbed him, he left the venue and returned with a gun and opened fire.

Pooh Shiesty Accused Of Shooting Security Guard At Miami Strip Club

An unnamed security guard at the venue claimed Shiesty shot him incidentally in the ankle. Following the gunshot, the guard said Shiesty passed the gun to another person and they fled the scene.