Rappers make money and they love carrying it with them wherever they go. Sometimes, they carry so much that some bills may get left behind and found by someone lucky. 

Recently, Young Thug had $10,000 in a pair of jeans he left behind in his room that was returned to him by his maid. In a clip shared on Instagram, Thugger explained how the whole interaction went down. 

“My maid just [handed] me this,” the “Ski” rapper said holding the wad of cash in the beginning of the video. “She said, ‘I found this money about two months ago in your room. I just wanna know did you get it?’” 

Young Thug was startled to know she didn’t pull a fast one on him. He asked his maid where she found the cash to which she said his jeans. 

“”I said, ‘Where you put it?’ [She said,] ‘Under your bed,’” he continued explaining. “This when you a good n-gga, bruh. When you one thousand, you solid. Shit come right back. This little punk ass ten thousand, that ain’t nothing, ten thousand, but, solid.”

Fans praised the maid for the Good Samaritan act as it’s not everyday someone comes around 10 racks laying around in plain sight. Thugger is no stranger to blessing those around him with special gifts, so it wouldn’t be bad to see him do the same with his maid who looked out for him. 

While he’s leaving money behind in articles of clothing, Young Thug found time last month to name his top five rappers of all time during a visit to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. 

He starts by naming the entire Young Stoner Life collective as No. 1 in rap today and then moves on to name Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert and Drake. Young Thug takes a major pause and mentions the likes of Future and 21 Savage before settling on Kanye West as his fifth option.