Looking at Atlanta’s decorated rap lineage, a connection can be spotted between André 3000 and Young Thug’s artistry from two decades later. During an appearance on T.I.’s ExpediTIously podcast this month, Tip likened 3 Stacks’ style to Thugger’s, but Thug maintains he never paid the Outkast rapper any mind.

“I can’t rap you two André 3000 songs,” he began. “I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life.”

Thugger seemed open to the idea of collaborating with 3 Stacks at some point but had some harsh words for Andre when Tip brought up how Thug extended an olive branch to work with music legend Elton John. The two teamed up for “High” in 2018.

“The difference between Elton John and Andre is, Elton John like to kiss ass, [where] Andre likes his ass kissed,” Thug explained the difference between the two. “He’s just more of a fan type of nigga, to the point I’m like, ‘Nigga, let’s do music!’ He’s like, ‘Nigga, bet.’ Andre more like, ‘This is his secretary.'”

The trap pioneer then tried attempted to clarify 3 Stacks is a Hip Hop ally to the Atlanta artists, even though he’s been out of the mainstream spotlight for some time now.

“He’s who ally,” Thug responded. “Why don’t you rap like him, talk like him, or look like him? You ain’t trying to portray none of that.”

In 2017, 3 Stacks was complimentary of Thug’s approach to Hip Hop.

“He’s exciting,” Dre told Complex. “There’s no box. He’s all over the place. To do those things he does, you have to have big fuckin’ balls. It’s almost harder than the guy who’s portraying hard, you know? It’s kind of mind-fucking people. It’s saying, ‘Don’t get too comfortable with me.’ That’s one of my mottos: Don’t let people get too comfortable with what you’re doing.”

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Maybe, at some point in the future, 3 Stacks and Thug will clear the air to establish some sort of relationship and possibly hit the studio to craft new music together.

In the meantime, Thug plans to drop the YSL Slime Language 2 sequel before the year’s out and then quickly follow that project up with his solo Punk album.

Watch the entire interview below.