Los Angeles, CA

The only thing Famous Dex is famous for these days is getting arrested. According to TMZ,the seemingly troubled rapper is back in jail after he was taken into custody during a hearing on Thursday (June 10).

Dex was in court to face 19 various charges he caught in March, including domestic violence and illegal gun possession. But he wasn’t arrested for any of those charges.

No, he was picked up for allegedly violating a protection order set in place after another alleged domestic violence incident that took place last October. He was immediately booked and is currently being held on $200,000 bond.

Famous Dex has been sinking further into legal despair since November 2020 when a SWAT team showed up at his home following a call about a violent fight between Dex and his ex-girlfriend. Police reportedly found cuts on the woman when they arrived and called SWAT after a social media video showing Dex holding what was believed to be a TEC-9 was put on their radar.



A month prior, he allegedly assaulted a woman and is now charged with corporal injury domestic violence, threatening a domestic partner, exhibiting a firearm, inflicting bodily injury, dissuading a victim from reporting a crime, defacing property and illegal possession of a firearm.

Then in March, Dex was arrested for carrying a loaded gun, which officers discovered during a routine traffic stop. Prosecutors say he was prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a restraining order, so he’s being charged for that as well as possession of a firearm without a serial number.

Famous Dex Out Of Rehab — But Fans Are Convinced He’s Still High Following Another Disturbing Video

As Famous Dex’s legal troubles continue to mount, fans continue to worry about his drug use. In 2019, he suffered a seizure on stage while performing in Los Angeles and passed out while on Instagram Live the year before. Dex’s team confirmed he’s been struggling with addiction, but Dex claimed he was simply tired.



“I always know,” he said in an Instagram video at the time. “Only you know — not my manager, not anybody. You know you. With that being said, I ain’t got nothing to explain. The video that’s right now going viral, that’s kind of so stupid? For one, I’m a human being and I work my ass off.

“And once you put overtime, overnight and then you come back home at 4 something in the morning and you decide to go live — hey. Don’t let the world trick you and be fooled.”

Since then, he reportedly spent 30 days in rehab but upon his release, appeared to be up to his old tricks.