Los Angeles, CA

Grim details continue to emerge from Pop Smoke’s tragic murder. An explanation as to how exactly LAPD tracked down his killers and connected the dots to make four arrests surfaced during last week’s preliminary court hearing.

20-year-old Corey Walker has been the main suspect named in the case with Walker being the only assailant of legal age and not considered a minor. According to the Los Angeles Times, following his arrest, Corey Walker confessed all about the night he allegedly plotted to rob and end up killing Pop Smoke to his cellmate, who was actually planted by law enforcement to extract information.

Detective Carlos Camacho testified that Walker boasted about being a member of the Hoover Criminals gang in Los Angeles and got the drop on Pop Smoke’s address on that harrowing February 18, 2020 night from an Instagram Story Pop posted featuring his Airbnb digs on an Amiri shopping bag.

Walker allegedly told the planted cellmate that he drove by Pop’s rental Los Angeles mansion in the day to scope out the scene before returning with a group of “youngsters” to execute the robbery hit. The 20-year-old claims to have armed two of the four teenagers before breaching Pop’s home around 4 a.m. once they knew Pop was just with a woman in his bedroom and there was another man somewhere else in the house.

Walker’s lawyer, Christopher Darden (yes, from the O.J. Simpson trial), is claiming that his client stayed in the car while the shooting took place and maintains that he told the minors not to use his firearms inside. Law enforcement believes a 15-year-old ultimately pulled the trigger multiple times to kill Pop.

“Part of the irony in all of this is the person who shot him probably won’t stay in prison a day beyond 25,” Darden told the court. “And my client stands to spend the rest of his life in prison. I think that’s fundamentally wrong.”

LAPD Reveals Grim Pop Smoke Murder Details As Case Preps For Trial

Camacho and another detective named Frank Flores explained that they executed a warrant once they discovered a Google account attached to Walker that searched the address Pop Smoke was staying at and for the “Rolex oyster perpetual datejust” watch they took from the “Dior” rapper and sold for $2,000.

One suspect remains at large. Walker was charged with murder and robbery and could face the death penalty if convicted.