Los Angeles, CA - 

Blueface has earned a reputation for hosting his own version of Girls Gone Wild at his two Los Angeles homes — but whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

The “Thotiana” rapper is facing some wild accusations involving his recently erected Blue Girls Club (BGC) reality television series, with many equating it to a cult. The comparisons started to fly over the weekend after Blueface shared a video of himself telling multiple women to either get his name tattooed on their bodies or leave.

But Blueface seemingly doesn’t understand the problem, tweeting on Monday (April 26), “Wtf is a cult?”

Blueface elaborated in a series of follow-up tweets and assured critics there are standards put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

“For those who are curious my show is a 3 week series,” he explained. “I move women in from all over the US fly them out to cali put them under one roof. I own 2 homes. I don’t stay there. I take care of all there financial needs while they are here i promote their brands etc we film all day tune in.

“we don’t tolerate any sexual conduct between men and women so the women do tend to grow interest in each other because of this but they are adults at the end of the day it’s only so much I can control so what they do with each other is apart of the show subscribe rn to see more.”

In March, Blueface artist Chrisean Rock tattooed his real name, Johnathan, on the side of her face. But she insisted it was entirely her decision and Blueface had nothing to do with it. Rock was announced as the first lady of Blueface Records in December 2020 after she appeared in the first season of Blue Girls Club and famously got her tooth knocked out during a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

“Blueface paid for everything, for my permanent replacement,” she said at the time. “I just gotta go get it screwed in my mouth, so I’m procrastinating honestly.”

Blueface's 'Tattoo Or Leave' BGC Antics Earns Cult Comparisons

Despite Blueface’s alleged intentions, he still caught plenty of heat on Twitter for the BGC’s living quarters with one person writing, “Dawg got the bunk beds like Heaven Gates in the crib” and another adding, “Them hoes in the blueface’s concentration camp writing on the wall next to they bunk bed like they in the county jail.”

To that, Blueface said, “America’s Next Top Model was on bunk beds but y’all mad at me.”