Usher wants to make love in this club, but apparently, he doesn’t way to pay the full price. According to The Dancers Resource, the R&B deity is being accused of making it rain at a strip club recently with counterfeit dollars featuring his own mug emblazoned front-and-center on the fake money.

“What a shame that celebs are being that disrespectful to come into the club and paying with counterfeit money @usher you should be ashamed as an entertainer to come in a club where the job of the women working is to entertain you,” veteran stripper Giselle Marie wrote in response.

She continued, “Stay your ass home…. these clubs need to make it a mandatory spending start upon entry… this is becoming ridiculous.”

Usher is yet to respond to the allegations as of press time. Ironically enough, Usher posted on social media rocking a money bucket hat and holding a briefcase filled with the dollars featuring his face on the front.

A follow-up post also clarified that the “Usher dollars” didn’t have any redeemable credit value so they weren’t worth anything at all. For those that saw 2019’s Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, Usher made a cameo looking right at home playing himself at the strip club throwing dollars in the sky and flirting with dancers.



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Once the news broke, fans had a field day on social media flooding timelines with an array of memes. Stay tuned to see if Usher ends up responding to the criticism and find some of the posts below.