Sean “Diddy” Combs set out to inspire the masses on Thursday (April 8) when he penned an open letter to “Corporate America” that demanded equal pay and treatment for African Americans.

“No longer can Corporate America manipulate our community into believing that incremental progress is acceptable action,” Diddy wrote within the article titled, “If You Love Us, Pay Us: A letter from Sean Combs to Corporate America” that was published to his own REVOLT publication.

The article also accused companies such as General Motors of mooching off of Black culture, undermining its integrity and only treating African Americans as spenders.

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However, shortly after the article went live, it didn’t long for it to trend — in an overtly negative direction.

Chicago rapper NoName, an artist always willing to rail against the cultures of capitalism and colonization, called out the Hip Hop mogul for apparently not practicing his own preaching.

“diddy,” she began. “about a 150 million away from being a BILLIONAIRE diddy is shaming white corporations for a capitalist business model he almost completely replicated.”

Media personality and artist Jessie Woo shared a personal experience that also painted the Bad Boy Records founder as stingy.

“Diddy, it starts with us,” she wrote on Twitter underneath his original article blast. “I was recently approached to host a show for Revolt and it came without pay. We cannot keep knocking white folks for their disrespect towards minority creators while doing the same thing to each other.”

She concluded with a heart emoji, “I encourage you to be the change we need.”

Throughout the thousands of tweets, several of them pointed to the treatment of former Bad Boy artists while others echoed sentiments of NoName’s that he pretty much recreated the same-old wheel.

According to a 2019 Forbes report, Diddy’s net worth is an estimated $740 million.

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Diddy has yet to respond to his recent PR backfire.

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