Sada Baby found himself at the center of controversy once again after he fired off an insensitive tweet regarding Lil Nas X last week.

Not long after the satanic-themed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video dropped and people learned DMX had been hospitalized following a reported drug overdose, Sada Baby decided to tweet and promptly delete an Instagram Story that read “Lord we said Nas X not DMX.” Unsurprisingly, homophobic accusations started flying his way on Twitter, but the openly gay rapper doesn’t really seem to be too bothered.

On Tuesday (April 6), Lil Nas X responded to a story about the post in true troll fashion, seizing the moment to promote his No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single. 

“this is so fucked up omg,” he wrote. “everyone stream the number 1 smash hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) out now on all platforms!”

Lil Nas X has been the subject of seemingly constant ridicule since dropping the “Montero” video on April 2 and doubling down with his customized “Satan Shoes,” especially from Christian conservatives.

Pastor Mark Burns, who has appeared as a commentator on CNN and Fox News, tweeted, “This is evil and heresy and I pray that Christians rise up against this,” while Grammy Award-winning Christian singer Kaya Jones tweeted, “I told y’all what was up a long time ago! You are ready for what we are facing. Better start reading your Bible!”

Sada Baby Faces Backlash For Wishing Death On Lil Nas X Over DMX

Meanwhile, retired NBA Nick Young was incensed over the “Satan Shoes” and tweeted he’d enacted a Lil Nas X ban in his household while he contemplated boycotting Nike all together. He soon learned Nike wasn’t behind the shoe — a company called MSCHF has simply customized 666 pairs of Air Max ’97s and is being sued by the sneaker giant for copyright infringement as a result.

Nike was granted a temporary restraining order against the company last week, which blocked the sale of the shoes. Lil Nas X joked about the lawsuit on Twitter as well, suggesting he’ll be in the poor house if Nike wins.