Jay Electronica has some kind words for his friend Kanye West, regardless of what the world may think of him at the moment.

Taking to his Twitter page on Wednesday morning (March 31), the elusive Roc Nation rapper made sure to give Kanye his flowers while he could still smell them and expressed how excited he is about whatever’s to come.

“@kanyewest from afar, seems like Almighty God is putting His final touches on His Mighty Sword (you),” Jay Electronica wrote. “I would imagine the pain is intense. After this though, you unstoppable. Flame on King! and as for the rest of em, my mom would just say “well Son, fuckem.

“I literally CANT WAIT so see your next Beautiful moves and offerings. Thank you for all of the Beautiful ones you’ve given us thus far.”

Kanye West is currently in the middle of a public divorce and has been the subject of countless headlines as he reportedly suffered bipolar episodes with some bizarre Twitter rants.

Jay Electronica Calls 'Cap' On Needing Permission To Drop 'Act II' Kanye West Verses

Last November, Electronica teased a collaboration with Kanye for his Act II: The Patents of Nobility project, but noting he’d need to get his permission first before releasing it.

“I’ll just post Act 2 on here for y’all if enough folks want it,” he tweeted at the time. “W the Kanye verses and all. I would have to get his permission first though.”

He later called “cap” on needing the OK but has yet to release the song(s).