Jack Harlow has plenty of love for former three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams, just as the Generation Now rapper prepares to make his Saturday Night Live debut.

After Williams was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to his hometown Atlanta Hawks on Thursday (March 25), the Grammy-nominated Harlow took to his Instagram stories on Friday (March 26) and reposted a post from Williams’ Instagram account highlighting his time with the Los Angeles Clippers before a secondary slide revealed him back in Atlanta Hawks colors.

Williams even hinted at the possibility of retirement after the trade went down but instead kept pushing.

“Yea, so I thought about retiring yesterday,” he captioned. “You give so much to an organization and you wake up and boom, it’s no more. Then in true clipper nation fashion I was reminded that my talent and contribution was appreciated and It made me reflect on what’s to come. There’s plenty left in my tank and I’m privileged to continue my career in my backyard. LA, thank you. Love you. Appreciate you. Great times and memories!!! ATL, LouWillVille. Mr. Williams, welcome home.”

Harlow and “Lemon Pepper Lou” became a talking point for the NBA in the summer of 2020 when Williams left the NBA Bubble to attend a funeral in Atlanta. While in ATL, Williams made a stop at his favorite strip club/restaurant, Magic City, where he presumably ordered the wings which bear his name. There, he took a photo with Harlow, setting off numerous questions about whether Lou Will violated NBA COVID protocols or not.

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