Joey Bada$$ is frustrated with the way COVID-19 has been handled and he’s got a few things to get off of his chest.

In the early morning hours of Monday (March 22), the talented Brooklynite took to his Twitter account to vent about how people are being controlled by what he believes to be fear tactics under the guise of safety. The series of tweets arrived just days after his party of 30+ been denied admission at Disney World because his young cousin with autism wouldn’t put on a mask.

“This new world has ZERO to do with anyone’s safety and everything to do with control and compliance,” Joey began. “It’s sad how much this pandemic has enabled people to treat each other. Social distancing is inhumane. This society is governed by FEAR and it’s so sad that you blind folk can’t see pass what the external forces provide for you. I don’t watch the news because I know nothing’s new. I’m done arguing with anyone. I know most people won’t agree with me because most people are dull-minded and reliant. I have no energy for you folk. The difference between me and y’all is I’m governed by self. Good day.”

The Disney incident happened days prior on Saturday (March 20), and Joey documented it on his Instagram with a video of the employees he says denied his family access.

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“Here’s Luis, Cameron, and Kaitlyn and they just turned away an autistic child at Disney World because he didn’t want to wear his mask,” he wrote in the caption. “The child thinks the mask is suffocating, the child also has no idea why it is even a requirement. Not to mention that, kids under 2, doesn’t have to wear a mask. These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip. We came out here 30+ for my daughters’ bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore.”

Joey Bada$$ Smears Disney World For Refusing Entry Of Autistic Cousin Without A Mask

In more positive news, the Pro Era rapper is now Oscar-nominated for his role in the recent film, Two Distant Strangers. Executive produced by Diddy, the short has received a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film for the 2021 Academy Awards, which will go down live on April 25.