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Kehlani is using her platform in an effort to champion the voices of several alleged sexual assault victims, including Chicago R&B artist Jean Deaux, who’ve accused Superfly actor Kalan “KR” Walker of sexual abuse.

In September 2018, Walker was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony sexual assault and called out by more that 15 women for abuse stretching back years. On Friday (March5), Walker shared a video of his release after an anonymous celebrity posted his massive $1.08 million bail.

Shortly after his release, Kehlani blasted Walker on Twitter in a multi-tweet diatribe, sternly attesting to her personal knowledge of his rumored aggressive disposition.

“TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT i apologize in advance if everything i’m going to be retweeting involves rape & assault,” Kehani wrote. “I am standing with the victims of a serial RAPIST who i knew personally to be aggressive, dangerous & twisted. he was released on bail & is back shooting (cont.)”

The “Toxic” singer then claimed Walker has reprised his practice of luring his victims under the guise of being a professional photographer, revealing her belief that many of Walker’s targets were minors.

“Photography of people (how he started assaulting folks in the first place, many of which were minors) and his case is still open and now his victims and their allies are being targeted and gaslit by him and his followers on social media,” she continued. “some are my FRIENDS. I STAND W YALL.”

Additionally, Kehlani also tweeted in an effort to expose Walker for allegedly paying multiple women to make phony social media testimonials in his defense and also retweeted Deaux’s harrowing account of an abusive encounter with Walker when she was only 18 years old.

A$AP Rocky also briefly interjected on Twitter to clear his name of any involvement with Walker.


Model and musical artist Indyamarie commented on the abuse allegations against Walker in numerous tweets on Saturday (March 6) as well.

Indyamarie showered Kehlani with high praise for her receptiveness in spreading the word about Walker.

“And btw, I reached out to SIX celebrities trying to get more traction on this case for the victims and KEHLANI WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO RESPONDED AND ACTUALLY USED HER PLATFORM TO HELP!” she wrote.

Walker fired back at Kehlani and Indyamarie over Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” in his song “Something To Say” in which he declared he saved Indyamarie from homelessness. He also attempted to out her for alleged sexual encounters with Trippie Redd and Chris Brown, among others.

"Superfly" Actor & Rapper KR Charged With 9 Counts Of Felony Sexual Assault

For the most part, the new allegations of abuse against the 25-year-old actor are fairly similar to the details the Los Angeles Police Department’s statement on the case in 2018 established.

“In each of the cases, aspiring models were contacted by Walker via social media with the premise of being hired to work professionally,” according to an LAPD statement. “While alone, each of the victims reported that Walker sexually assaulted them.”