Longtime music executive Deb Antney, Nipsey Hussle’s former manager Big U and Antney’s brother Bimmy are currently doing the press rounds for the new FX series Hip Hop Uncovered. During a recent interview with REVOLT’s Drink Champ series, the Atlanta-based boss lady told a series of stories touching on her time in the music business.

As Gucci Mane and French Montana’s former manager, Antney came armed with plenty of tales about their early days. At one point in the conversation, she talked about a time when Gucci made it perfectly clear how much he disliked Montana.

“French didn’t really make it that well in Georgia,” she explained. “Gucci didn’t like French. Because the first time he went into the studio to do a song with him, he paid Gucci $5,000 to get on a feature. And he was just sitting in the studio and Gucci was gone out the backdoor. Gucci just took the money and left.”

Antney asked why he took his money and he replied, “‘Man, fuck that pussy ass n-gga.'” But like Antney is often known to do, she ultimately wound up straightening things out and “gave French the $5,000.”

Montana wound up owing Antney $2 million after she sued him in 2013 for allegedly booking lucrative concert deals behind her back. In 2018, Antney’s management company Mizay Entertainment filed a sister state judgment for $1,999,588.41, which would allow Mizay Entertainment to collect in California even though the lawsuit was initially won in Georgia. The Coke Boys rapper didn’t respond to the lawsuit and it’s unclear if he has since.

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Elsewhere in the clip, Antney admits she never realized her former client Nicki Minaj and Safaree were a couple at the time they were working together. In fact, she thought he was gay.

“I thought he was a gay guy that she hung out with,” she said with a laugh. “When I was booking her out, she’d be like, ‘Deb, I need two rooms.’ But the two rooms wasn’t for him because she would get dressed in the other room. I didn’t know that they were together. I never knew until he took my car from her and she called me to lock him up. And then he called me and that’s when he broke down everything.”

Watch the full episode below and check back with HipHopDX later this week for exclusive interviews with Big U and Deb Antney.