Lil Nas X has built a reputation on his off-brand sense of social media humor — but some fans think he just might have taken things a little too far this time.

On Saturday (February 6), the “Old Town Road” star tweeted a pair of photos that showed off a pair of something else, too. The photos feature a topless Lil Nas holding one of the rather large implants with his right hand. A carefully placed emoji covers what is assumed to be the nipple.

“got bored so i bought titties,” he wrote. “what u guys think?”

Of course, the post elicited a cascade of comments ranging from shock and disgust to confusion.

One person wrote, “I’m so confused did Lil Nas X for real just get breast implants,” while another said, “From Uzi’s $24 Million Dollar Diamond To Lil Nas X Implants, Our Generation Is Lost, Like Lost Lost.”

When a so-called fan suggested Lil Nas was taking directives from Beelzebub himself, the 21-year-old Grammy Award winner replied, “Satan will never have these titties. these titties belong to god u loser.”

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But rather than actual implants, it’s likely these are simply prosthetics for an upcoming video or photo shoot and will soon be a thing of a past. In fact, Lil Nas is already setting people up for their disappearing act, tweeting on Super Bowl Sunday (February 7), “This super bowl really got me thinking… where da hell imma find a bra for these big ass titties.”

Whatever the case, the memes were worth it. Even renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Miami got in on the action.

Check out some of the reactions below.