It’s no secret Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg has an ear for the hard, gritty, street raps made popular in the ‘90s. He’s curated two mixtapes over his decade-long career showcasing some of the best and brightest street rappers in the game. Now, after a bit of convincing from his closest confidants, Rosenberg is putting his ear to the test and dropping his debut album titled Real Late.

Rosenberg won’t be rapping on Real Late and is instead taking a page out of people like DJ Khaled and Statik Selektah’s book and assembling a group of artists on one project. To properly announce the new endeavor, Rosenberg unleashed the first single off Real Late titled “Marcus Smart.” The Zoomo-produced track has New York rappers Stove God Cook$ and Flee Lord trading ironclad bars over a smooth, jazz-tinged beat. Inspiration from the track comes from the NBA’s Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart who Rosenberg feels is the Ironman of the NBA.

”I named the song after Marcus Smart, because he’s the grittiest, hardest working player in the NBA,” Rosenberg said in a statement. “I think we did him justice.”

He continued saying, “After years of being pushed by my people, I decided that the time was now to put out my own project. Flee Lord and Stove God Cook$ are two of my favorite new artists and Zoomo is an incredible young producer.”


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As he gears up to release his first studio album, Rosenberg took his ongoing feud with Akademiks to the next level. Last month Rosenberg challenged his foe to a celebrity boxing match where he said they’d raise $100,000 for charity. Akademiks heard about the challenge, but gave a counteroffer that raised the price to $1 million, which he later took back.

Akademiks Challenges Peter Rosenberg To Boxing Sparring Session: 'You Talking Way Too Crazy'

“Ain’t no celebrity boxing that’s gonna go down with me,” Akademiks explained. “I need $1 million to step in the ring with anybody, but you should DM me and we could spar. I’m giving you that opportunity, Rosenberg, and I don’t give that opportunity a lot. You talking way too crazy.”

Akademiks continued, “Hit me up and we’ll spar in the next week. If Rosenberg hits me up in the next week, I’ll spar with him. We’ll find a gym and me and him will spar. No cameras, no nothing and we’ll see what’s up. You know I shitted on you because you a 45-year-old with your bitch, fuck both of y’all.”

There’s no word on whether the match actually happened or even if it’s still an idea. But the feud doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Check out “Marcus Smart” below.