Akademiks is once again at the center of a contentious e-beef, this time with Ebro Darden and Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. After Rosenberg referred to the media personality as a “talentless hack” during a recent episode of Ebro In The Morning, Rosenberg took his thoughts on Akademiks to YouTube and said he’d have no problem fighting the former Everyday Struggle co-host.

“Let me tell you the level of tit mouse that dude was in that building and the way he walked in those hallways and the speed walk that dude does to avoid confrontation in real life,” Rosenberg said. “Akademiks, the level of bitch in that dude, OK? I am one of the softest dudes publicly in the history of Hip Hop. I’m from Chevy Chase, Maryland. I went to Hebrew school, OK? With people named Slomo and Ari and Avi, OK?

“This may be the only dude in the game who I would have zero hesitation scrapping with. I know you’re not much of a celebrity, you’re just a fat boy on Twitch. I would do a straight up celebrity boxing with you. I will Jake Paul Akademiks for charity. You are the softest man in the game.”

Of course, that was all it took to ignite Akademiks’ fury. He quickly took to his popular Twitch account and blasted both radio personalities for allegedly being jealous of the platform he’s built.

“Rosenberg works for Hot 97, these muthafuckas … yo, the Ebros and the Rosenbergs hate my position in the culture because Ebro used to be the place you needed to go to get relevance in Hip Hop. That stopped being the case. Remember when he used to go on these rants? Like, ‘Yo, you’re not major league, you’re minor league’ and he used to determine what music actually got a chance to be seen and heard at the biggest levels.

“Radio is irrelevant. Now, I know he has a very important position at Apple Music, but truth be told a lot of that shit is coming through just the internet. He doesn’t have a hold on media anymore, I think he resents me for that.”

Akademiks then fired a couple of shots at Ebro and Rosenberg’s salaries and claimed he makes $500,000 every three months.

“You work at Hot 97, you not pulling no half-a-million a year,” he continued. “That’s three months of pay for me. Don’t try to diminish my work … I actually built some shit on my own and I own it. I don’t work for niggas — you don’t own nothing. The money looks a little different when you own.

“I don’t need these niggas validation. Ya’ll niggas put on by ya’ll companies. Rosenberg, you’ve been doing radio mad long. I eclipsed your whole career like that! You’re not synonymous with this culture, your name don’t hold more weight than mine, that’s facts. Start talking about integrity and these other things, alright cool. But I built a platform I own, and at the end of the day, you a nigga that’s a C or D mic on a show that your name is not even in the title. I think it’s called Ebro In The Morning.

He added, “I’ma keep changing and impacting how this culture moves whether you like it or not, and you’re gonna sit there salty as fuck on your platform. You still a worker there nigga! I kick your niggas ass on numbers whenever I want to.”

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Ak also denied ever getting money from his ride-or-die Tekashi 6ix9ine, which Ebro suggested during his conversation with Rosenberg.

“Little boy, stop playing with me nigga,” he said. “I ain’t get no house off of 6ix9ine. When will y’all open your ears and listen to me?”

Ak has found himself on the defense over the last few days after he made his first appearance on the increasingly popular Clubhouse app. At one point, he got into a heated discussion with Meek Mill over his questionable social media behavior and 21 Savage was forced to become the voice of reason.