Drake used one of Benny The Butcher’s verses for an Instagram caption in December 2019, and that opened up the conversation between fans on whether the two would ever do a collaboration. Over the next few months, Benny revealed the duo sent records to each other and kept promising fans the song was coming.

It’s been a whole year since then, and the two rappers have dropped a handful of music, but there’s still no collab between them. Fans may be in store for something special soon though as Benny gave an update on the highly-anticipated track during a conversation with The Complex Podcast recently.

“Like I said, I sent Drake a song, he sent me a song and told me to put a verse on it for his album,” Benny said around the 16-minute mark. “I sent that back, he sent me a verse for me to put on for my album and I got that, so you know how this industry is, some songs never see the light of day but we definitely talked about these songs coming out.”

Benny continued on to say, “Nobody has heard the record yet, but it hasn’t been no space for me to release the record. Remember, my last album was all produced by Hit-Boy, and this record wasn’t produced by Hit-Boy so it ain’t like I can throw it on there. And my next album, which was done before Burden of Proof, is Plugs I Met II and it’s all produced by Harry Fraud so it’s not like a slot on there, so first available slot that people can get that record I’m pushing for that record to drop.”

Fans may take this new bit of information with a grain of salt. Benny said something similar to Complex back in October when he claimed the song was complete but the reason it hasn’t come out is that both rappers are waiting for the right time to unleash it.

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Even though he’s making his fans wait, Benny is making sure to give more content to hold them over. The Buffalo rapper will be making his acting debut in the Griselda film CONFLICTED on January 15. Last month, he dropped the first song off the movie soundtrack “3:30 in Houston” which addressed the shooting incident in November and Wendy Williams making jokes about it.