Meek Mill was among the swath of people watching the news on Wednesday (January 6) when a mob of unruly Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building, egged on by the current POTUS himself. The Dream Chasers founder took his thoughts to Instagram shortly after the chaos erupted and admitted he was feeling deflated.

“[The U.S.] might be the most racist country in the world …..lost hope seeing this today!!!!!!” he captioned a photo of a rioter inside the historical Washington D.C. monument. “We about to take some 757’s to Africa give America a break!”

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Hundreds of Trump supporters were easily able to breach security at the Capitol Building on January 6, leading many conspiracy theorists to believe this was an inside job, something reflected in Meek’s comment section. One person wrote, “This looks like a set up. What yall need to do is wake tf up,” while another said, “They let them in.”

Whatever the case, one Trump supporter identified as Ashli Babbit was shot and killed by one of the Capitol police officers who confronted rioters as they entered the building. Their intention was to halt the electoral vote count to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from officially being declared the 46th President of the United States.

Of course, their efforts were all in vain and Congress certified Biden’s win on Thursday (January 7) after they were able to return to their duties. Much like Lil Yachty, countless people pointed out if this had been a Black Lives Matter protest, the death count would’ve been considerably higher.

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Meek has been outspoken when it comes to criminal justice reform and other socio-political issues. Following his 2018 release from prison, the Roc Nation artist teamed up with JAY-Z to form Reform Alliance alongside Philadelphia 76ers c0-owner Michael Rubin, Van Jones and others.

According to the website, their mission is “to dramatically reduce the number of people who are unjustly under the control of the criminal justice system – starting with probation and parole. To win, we will work to change laws, policies, hearts and minds.”