The unexpected news of MF DOOM’s death is still reverberating throughout the Hip Hop community. On Thursday (December 31), DOOM’s wife Jasmine revealed the enigmatic MC — famous for rocking his MetalFace mask — had died on Halloween, a day when it’s customary to wear one.

Among the hundreds, even thousands of condolences flooding social media, Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) was one of DOOM’s peers who paid tribute with a special Instagram post dedicated to his fallen friend.



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Lupe Fiasco, who’s always been a loyal DOOM fan, even crafted a freestyle for the late London native, referring to him as “the slick master”

“Thanx DOOM…I learned so much from you about the art of rapping,” he tweeted on Thursday night. “Studied and analyzed you for years as recently as a few days ago. I wish I could’ve met you to tell you that. here’s some raps…rest easy…Amin…

Lupe also proposed changing the word simile to “dumile,” a reference to DOOM’s government name Daniel Dumile.

“To whom it may concern,” he began. “I ask and propose that from this point forward all rappers from everywhere and from every style and every level in the craft refer to ‘Similes’ as ‘Dumiles.’ Pronounced ‘Doom-ah-lays.’ A small gesture for a fallen master. MF DOOM. Can I get a 2nd?”

The idea seemed to pick up steam and soon, there were dozens of tweets cosigning the proposal. But beyond references to DOOM’s lyrics and DOOM-friendly vocabulary, there was MC Serch’s post, which was a lot more personal — and for good reason. The 3rd Bass legend was partially responsible for introducing DOOM to the rest of the world.

After DOOM (then known as Zev Love X) formed KMD with his younger brother Subroc, 3rd Bass told A&R Dante Ross about the group who ultimately signed them to Elektra Records. KMD then made their recording debut on The 3rd Bass song “The Gas Face” from their 1989 debut The Cactus Album. 

Needless to say, DOOM’s death has had a profound effect on Serch. From their time together as The Get Yours Posse to multiple collaborations, their relationship stretches back decades.

“I found out 12/31/2020 at 3:30pm and cried for most of the day,” he wrote alongside photos of himself with DOOM. “I have known Doom since he was 14 years old. We spent years going to park jams at the MLK Center. We went to Roosevelt Field Mall to kick it. We would go to Jones Beach and we were blocks from Long Beach. When I got sign it was all of us. GYP. The Get Yours Posse. I never asked Doom to wear a 3rd Bass shirt. He just did.

“The picture of him, Subroc (RIP) and PAC (RIP) was on tour with 3rd Bass. We all hung every night on the road, rhyming and forming what the plan would be. KMD was always his plan for him, his brother and then Onyx. He was a creator from the door. We got them a deal and they made Mr Hood. I was so proud of what they were building. KMD was an amazing show to see live. They were fun, opinionated, optimistic and political.

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Serch continued, “When Subroc died, at the funeral I could see where Doom and his family was. The path he took after that was dark but led him to being iconic. One of my favorite verses is in the @realghostfacekillah album with @badbadnotgood. His tone and flow was evidence of where he was in his life. I cannot believe that it has been 30 years since Mr Hood was released. There is so much I wanted to speak to him about and make amends.”


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Serch went on to send his love to DOOM’s wife and family while admitting he was struggling to stop the tears from falling.

“My love goes to his family, Jasmine, Dim and I know that Zev is with his son and his brother and they are making incredible music,” he concluded. “I am trying to stop crying but it is the sense of loss of time and the loss of amends to be able to connect.

“To all those who have sent me messages of sympathy, thank you. For those who have called I am sorry that I did not pick up but I did not want you to hear me crying. Rest In Paradise Doom. You will forever be a positive Kause in a Much Damaged environment. Long live KMD.”

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And while 3rd Bass dissolved long ago, Serch’s former rhyming parter Pete Nice clearly holds a special place in his heart for that period of his life.

“X marked the spot,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I hope you’re reunited with Sub and castin’ shadows over the Sun for fun. Suspended animation for eternity to DOOM and Zarook the Master of Time. Rest in peace #GYP.”

No cause of death has been made public at this time. DOOM was 49.


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