Comedian Faizon Love had a lot to say about New York rapper Dave East and his alleged ties to the Crips during an interview back in September. Love went as far as calling East “a fake crip” and questioned why an OG like MC Eiht would give the Harlem rapper a pass. It doesn’t look like Love is done talking about East as he recently spoke about the rapper and his comments during an interview with VladTV.

At around the 4:00 mark, the comedian agreed with Compton rapper B.G. Knocc Out, who questioned why Love cared about East’s Crip affiliations during his own VladTV interview.

“Listen I saw what B.G. said, and I texted him, and I was like ‘nigga you right. I’m 52 why do I give a fuck if he’s a real crip or not’,” Love said. “But it’s in me, and it’s not on me. I don’t know if you know what that means. It’s apart of our real culture.”



Love went on to give an OG lesson to East and all the other rappers he thinks are falsely claiming a gang as their own. According to the comedian, if someone wants to go out in public and say they’re apart of a gang, he hopes they’re ready for everything that comes with that life, including rival gang members.

“You can’t just say something,” Love added. “Once you put that out there you’re letting people know. So I’m not your worst guy, your worst problem is a young brother coming up from ESP, a real blood, catching you and that’s it.”

“You can’t rap when he comes up,” Love continued. “‘I’m from ESP Piru. What it do?’ If you banging, that’s what banging is. You don’t aspire to be a gang member. You’re from that set, you grow up, you don’t really grow out of it. It’s always apart of you.”

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All this commotion started when Love was a guest on The Hip Hop Podcast show and mentioned East while airing his grievances with fellow comedian Katt Williams. After Love questioned MC Eiht’s cosign of East, the legendary West Coast rapper issued a response during his interview with HipHopDX.



“He ain’t called out Snoop or J Stone who also has songs and videos with my nigga [laughs],” Eiht tells HipHopDX. “I guess I’m the lil nigga so it’s all good. I did a song with an artist and a homie, period, verifying his gang affiliation is my now job. My nigga J Stone and Snoop fuck with Dave, but I’m the one getting called out. Now that’s comedy for you [laughs].”

East has yet to respond to any of Love’s claims. He recently released the deluxe edition to his mixtape Karma 3 in October. In our review, HipHopDX gave Karma 3a score of 3.7/5.

Stream Karma 3 below.