G Herbo has a check for anyone willing to roll blunts for him every day.

The Chicago native made the PSA via his Instagram Story on Thursday (November 5), even providing prospective applicants with a tutorial on just how he likes his blunts rolled. (Sorry, joint smokers.) And while the salary isn’t necessarily competitive, the job comes with more perks than just rolling with a rapper everywhere – the successful applicant will get to smoke for free too.

“Who willing to make $36,000 a year?” he asked his followers. “I’m ready to pay a muthafucka $100 a day to roll up. That’s all you getting, though. That’s all I got is a hundred ’cause I’m letting you smoke def. You smoking free def and you hanging around.”

He went on to elaborate on his motives for hiring and made sure his fans knew he was dead serious.

“Just so y’all know, I ain’t playing bro,” he added. “I love smoking way too much to hate rolling this much bro. I hate that shit, fool. With a passion, fool.”

Clearly happy to shell out dollars for what he needs, Herbo previously offered to pay the very same people who robbed him to return his passport back in September.

“Y’all just took my bookbag out the trunk before I could even lock my door,” he said in an Instagram video. “Ain’t nothing in there but a passport so y’all can’t do shit with that. Y’all might as well bring my shit, man. I’m tryna go somewhere.

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“I gotta travel so I’ll pay y’all back for my shit, man. I’ll be a bitch ass n-gga and just pay y’all for my shit back. Let me get my bookbag, man. I just want my passport.”

It’s not known if the plea worked, though.